December Newsletter; My updated schedule.

My New Hours!!

After many years of primarily being a stay-at-home mom I am shifting gears to be the best mother I can, by working more to provide for myself and my children. It's going to be an awesome adventure!

There have been many changes in my life over the last 6 years since I first slowed my schedule down for maternity leave, some of you have been a part of my journey and for those that I haven't connected with in some time, I'd love to reconnect with you again.

Regardless if I've seen you last week, month, year or three years ago, I greatly appreciate your support. I am now working Monday-Thursday, and at least one Saturday AND Sunday per month.

I would love to fill my time with you coming in for a massage, refering a friend, giving a gift certificate, or all of the above. :) I will be implimenting a few ways of saying thanks in the new year such as: VIP massage packages, Referral Rewards, and Birthday Blessings. Stay tuned for more info!

But, for now I would like to announce:

FOR MY CLIENTS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN ACTIVE IN 2015, or before, I would like to offer you HALF-OFF on your next appointment for you to see how therapeutic and relaxing my signature treatment, the reiki massage is. You will LOVE it!

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