Please note that this is in addtion to the Integrative Reiki Bodywork + Ancient Healing Immsersion program. If you wish to purchase the master program, you must register for the 9mo program at the link listed below first.


After registration in the 9mo program you may purchase this product, or contact us at to express interest in the Master Extension and set up a deposit to secure your spot. 


9 Month Immersion Program


with Heidi Jae of LoveLight Reiki + Energy Alchemy

and Jenn Crawford of Sacred Element Life + Zen Riot Yoga


Please follow the link above to see prices and payment plans, dates of intensives, and bios for both Jenn Crawford of Zen Riot and Heidi Jae of  LoveLight Reiki + Energy Alchemy.




Students of the LoveLight Reiki Master Program will receive: 

+ Usui Symbols for 1st, 2nd, Master symbols

+ Tibetan Master symbols

+ A Tanran symbol

+ LoveLight Level 2 and Master symbols

+ 4 one-on-one coaching sessions, to be done quarterly

+ 3 one-on-one reiki trades

+ Reiki business guidance and education

+ Learn how to attune and teach others LoveLight Reiki at the 1st & 2nd levels. LoveLight Reiki Master Teachers must have a viable reiki business for a minimum of 3 years and apply to attune other LoveLight Reiki Masters in efforts to transmit and cultivate the highest embodiment of LoveLight practitioners possible.


Master Level Students will meet monthly for a year, on these dates: 

December 7th, 2019 5-6:30pm

January 18th + 19th, 2020 Saturday 2pm-6:30pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm

February 1st + 2nd, 2020 Saturday 2pm-6:30pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm

March 28th + 29th, 2020 Saturday 2pm-6:30pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm

April 25th + 26th, 2020 Saturday 2pm-6:30pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm

May 23rd +24th, 2020 Saturday 2pm-6:30pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm

June 27th +28th 2020 Saturday 2pm-6:30pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm

July 18th + 19th, 2020 Saturday 2pm-6:30pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm

August 1st +2nd, 2020 Saturday 2pm-6:30pm, Sunday 12pm-5pm

September 13th, 2020 12pm-5pm

October 11th, 2020 12pm-5pm

November 22nd, 2020 12pm-5pm


Participants will receive student workbooks for levels 1,2, and 3, and Reiki Master Teaching manuals for levels 1 and 2. Certificate and lineage paperwork. 


Please contact Heidi Jae at if you have any questions. 

LoveLight Reiki Master 3mo Add-on


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