Energy and consciousness are beyond limitations in the physical sense-experience. As a reiki master, after many years of practical application, Heidi has found that distance sessions can have less 'limitations' in allowing her to do energy alchemy (energy medicine) to align your body with your intentions and healing than when working with your physical body directly in-person.


In this treatment Heidi will go into a meditative state and connect to your energy field and energy body and deliver reikii energy. Reiki delivers Universal Life Force energy, which works within your body's own intelligent design systems to support your health and healing, for it's ultimate good. When necessary, Heidi will perform shamanic techniques to open up, clear, or remove blocks to your Universal flow of energy. Specific reiki symbols can be used to heal: the mind, body, and spirit as well as karmic/ancestral trauma. Working within these distance energetic modalities, Heidi receives intuitive, spiritual insights which she will share with you in a private YouTube video that only you can see. 


THis session includes:

  • A phone/video chat or text message communication to share your goals and ask any questions. 
  • An 60min distance reiki and intuitive healing session.
  • A custom crafted reiki altar, with two  tarot or oracle cards for added depth.
  • A private YouTube video explaining the process of your distance reiki session. 
  • Intuitive guidance which may include "hOMework" on your part: meditations, breathwork, mantras, yoga poses and the like to support your current process.
  • A follow-up call/chat/text with you to make sure you can ask any clarifying questions that you may have. 

Distance Reiki + Intuitive Healing #covid19care

  • This service is listed at a suggested donation, but ANY donation amount will do! To pay another amount, please pay via the Venmo link below. After, then please send me a text so that we can begin: 208-695-6225. Thank you!  // Venmo link:

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