birth work

"Birth is a gift to womanhood."

As a birth doula I focus on connecting with an expectant family to understand their hopes and needs. I like to deepen my relationship and service with the expectant mother by providing two prenatal meetings, a prenatal massage and bodywork session, and unlimited phone/text support through out pregnancy and postpartum for every family. 


As an intuitive bodyworker, I can support the movement of energy within the laboring mother's body by way of applying reiki and pressure within reflexology zones. I also find reiki to be a beneficial tool to aid in relaxing and soothing the mother's body and mind during the birth process.


I also offer add on services:

+ private prenatal yoga classes

+ rite-of-birth journey work : meditation and ritual exploration

+ mother blessingways

+ dual doula support packages 

+ postpartum care & housekeeping

I have attended 8 births, in 5 years of (very) part time service. I have typically been sought out by mothers looking to have an unmedicated, out-of-hospital or in-hospital birth.

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